Served with  choice of salad or soup and homemade bread


Colorado Cowboy Pie   tender beef braised with green chilies, onion, corn and beans then topped with mashed potatoes  14.00


Tenderloin Steak Tips   seared to perfection and served with Jalapeno

Demi Glaze, Bleu Cheese, potato and vegetable    17.00


Taphouse Stroganoff   tenderloin tips with mushrooms, shallot, Plaid Bastard

Demi Glaze,  sour cream  and tossed with egg noodles   16.00


Louisiana Crab Cake  a large homemade crab cake served with a zesty citrus cream sauce, vegetables and rice        15.00


Five Cheese Macaroni   homemade cheese sauce macaroni and smoked bacon    12.00

Add grilled chicken 2.00


Blackened Salmon  served with a lingonberry butter, rice and vegetable   16.00


Chicken Marsala  boneless breast sautéed with mushrooms, shallot, garlic, marsala wine, cream, demi glace, served with potatoes and fresh vegetables    14.00


Chicken Pot Pie  homemade with all white meat chicken, potatoes, carrots, celery,

onion, corn and sweet peas   13.00


Taphouse Lasagna   beef, Italian sausage, three cheeses and marinara sauce 13.00




Small  12”  Large 16”


Supreme     peppers, onion,  mushrooms, black olives, sausage, pepperoni,

ham and cheese        16.00    21.00


Pepperoni  the classic with red sauce and cheese    15.00    19.00


Carnivores Delight  pepperoni, ham, sausage, hamburger & red sauce 17.00    22.00


Veggie   peppers, onion, mushrooms, black olives, artichoke, tomato     15.00      19.00


Big Kahuna   pineapple, ham, onion, red sauce and mozzarella      16.00    21.00


Build Your Own Pizza

Red sauce and mozzarella    12” 14.00   16” 18.00 

Toppings:     meats 1.50ea    cheeses 1.00ea      veggie .75ea



Smoked Salmon Bruscetta   served on toasted bread with herbed cream cheese then garnished

with onion, capers and balsamic reduction  8.50


Tenderloin Steak Tips     served w/ jalapeno demi glace and blue cheese crumbles  9.00


Fried Raviolis  homemade cheese filled raviolis, breaded fried golden brown

and served with marinara sauce  6.50         


  Crab Cake a large homemade Louisiana style cake with a zesty citrus cream sauce 7.00                           


Taphouse Sausage Sampler  homemade sausages served with

sauerkraut, pickled onions and whole grain mustard  8.00


Stuffed Green Chili   fire roasted pablano, stuffed with chorizo sausage and chicken,

covered with cheese then baked, served with sour cream   7.50


      Homemade Meat Balls baked in marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese 7.00


Loaded Potato Wedges   fried potato wedges topped with bacon, green onion, tomato, jalapeno

and a five cheese sauce 7.00



Beer Cheese and Sausage Chowder   large bowl of a blend of our beers, cheeses, potatoes, and

smoked sausage, served with our beer cheese  bread   7.50                                  


   Caesar Salad crisp romaine with our homemade Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese &croutons  6.50  

Add blackened salmon     4.50          Add Chicken      2.00


Large House Salad   mixed greens, egg, tomato, cucumber, onion, parmesan & sweet pecans   7.00

Add blackened salmon     4.50          Add Chicken      2.00


All You Care To Eat Soup Sampler  our beer cheese soup and soups du jour

served with homemade bread   8.50


Small Side Salad    mixed greens, cucumber, tomato    3.50


We offer a variety of soups that change regularly


Cup     3.50       Bowl      5.00




All sandwiches served with your choice of fries or today's featured salad


Rueben  house cured corned beef with sauerkraut and swiss cheese on rye w/ 1000 island   8.50


Ham and Cheese Croissant   house cured smoked ham with pepper jack cheese, lettuce,

tomato and honey mustard   8.00


 Chicken Sandwich  marinated and grilled chicken breast on a brioche roll  7.50

Add Cheese - Swiss, American or Pepper Jack 1.00    Add Bacon   1.00

Add Veggies  -  jalapenos, mushrooms, grilled onions, peppers .50 each


Grand Lake’s Favorite 1/2 lb. Burger   with Lettuce, Tomato and Onion   7.50

Add Cheese - Swiss, American or Pepper jack 1.00    Add Bacon   1.00

Add Veggies  -  jalapenos, mushrooms, grilled onions, peppers .50 each          


BLTE Croissant  honey cured smoked bacon, boiled egg, lettuce, tomato

and chipotle mayo on a buttery croissant    7.50


Crab Cake Sandwich our homemade crab cake on a brioche roll with lettuce,

tomato and tarter sauce 8.50 


Black and Blue  blackened beef tenderloin medallions topped with grilled onions

and blue cheese crumbles      10.00


Meat Ball Hoagie   homemade meat balls with , marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese

on a toasted hoagie roll   8.00